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We are delighted to announce that South Cambridgeshire District Council have published the results of the Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Referendum:

The votes were 403 in favour of the plan and 123 against the plan.

That means that 76% of the vote is in favour of adopting the Neighbourhood plan and it can now be formally made by South Cambs District Council. There was an 18% turnout for the vote.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote. And thank you to all volunteers involved in creating the plan.



Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan – your chance to vote in the Referendum!

Do you remember all the consultations and updates over the last couple of years on Gamlingay’s Neighbourhood Plan? Well, we are now at the final stage – the ‘Referendum’ – following Gamlingay Parish Council’s approval of the referendum (i.e. final) version of the plan at its Full Council meeting last Tuesday evening. The referendum will ask all electors in the parish to vote yes or no for South Cambridgeshire District Council (the Local Planning Authority) to adopt the plan.

What does this mean for you as a Gamlingay resident?

If the plan is supported by residents and adopted by South Cambs District Council, then it means the planning policies within it can be given significant weight in decision making on planning applications in our area.

The plan has taken the best part of 6 years to pull together. It includes a series of land-use policies which have been informed by extensive public consultations that set out what we want our village to be and to help shape future development, enhance and protect the environment and improve how we get about.

Where can I find out more information?

A full copy of the referendum plan will be available on Gamlingay future website, where you can also see how the plan has been developed and consulted on. There is a handy executive summary at the start of the plan which sets out the 10 policies and the main policies map (map 8) provides a helpful visual summary of them .

Copies of the plan, policies and main policies map will be available to view at Gamlingay Eco Hub during October & November, when the library and the parish council office is open.

How do I vote?

Full details will be published shortly on the South Cambs District Council website, and we will share these as soon as they are available. The Referendum will take place on 10 November 2022.

Any queries on the Plan? Please contact Kirstin Rayner, Neighbourhood plan Secretary (01767)650310 or email

Parish Council formally submits the Neighbourhood Plan to South Cambridgeshire District Council – 26th August 2021.

Gamlingay Parish Council have approved the submission Neighbourhood Plan at its meeting at the Eco Hub this month; and agreed to use it for internal purposes, and to submit the plan to South Cambridgeshire District Council for R.16 consultation. The plan has undergone extensive community consultation, the latest being the Regulation 14 consultation which occurred in October and November 2020. All responses have been considered and are detailed on the R14 Consultation tab of this website, which shows links to Residents’ feedback (1), and statutory consultees, developers, landowners, and business feedback (2), and South Cambs District Council feedback (3).

All existing planning policies GAM1-12 remain in essence the same. However, some additional information and justification have been added, together with amendments which have occurred due to the feedback received. One extra document has been added to the supporting documents page- Landscape and Visual Analysis Study (CSa) (2021).

The Submission Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan, the Consultation Statement, and the Basic Conditions statement are attached here:

Any queries, please contact us through Gamlingay Parish Council’s facebook page.

The Neighbourhood Plan Team


Gamlingay’s Neighbourhood Plan – Feedback on the 2020 Consultation and the SG’s Reponses

Thank you to everyone who provided the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NP SG) with feedback, whether you were a resident, a business in Gamlingay or a statutory consultee.  Most of the comments and suggestions were extremely useful and many have been used to improve the plan, make it clearer or extend the scope to cover areas that we hadn’t considered.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a huge undertaking, but the SG has worked to make it as useful as possible for both residents and prospective developers.

All who commented, and who provided a contact email, should have received an acknowledgement of their comments.

Please see the  Consultation Page for the tables of feedback and the SG’s responses.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Gamlingay’s Neighbourhood Plan – the Reg. 14 Pre-submission Consultation

Consultation during September – October 2020 on Gamlingay’s draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hopes to launch a formal consultation on the draft plan from 7th September for six weeks. All residents and businesses will be able to view the complete draft Neighbourhood Plan and provide feedback. This is a formal and important stage within the neighbourhood planning regulations and is known as ‘Regulation 14 Pre-submission Consultation’. Essentially, everyone in the parish will have the opportunity to comment on the Plan before it is submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council for examination. 

A booklet summarising the Plan will be sent to every household in September and there will be a series of consultation events at the Eco Hub where you can come and ask any questions you may have about it. All information, including the plan in full, will be made available on the website,, with paper copies of the plan available at the Eco Hub. The Steering Group plans to attend the Gamlingay Village Show on 19th September. The latest Government guidance on social distancing will be taken into account in our plans for this consultation. Dates when you can talk members of the Steering Group about the Plan are listed below:

[changes from the printed booklet are in bold]




Wednesday 9th September


Eco Hub, main reception

Friday 18th September


Eco Hub, main reception

Saturday 19th September


Eco Hub, main reception

Saturday 26th September


Eco Hub, main reception

Saturday 3rd October


Eco Hub, main reception

Thursday 15th October


Eco Hub, main reception

Wednesday 21st October


Eco Hub, main reception

Wednesday 28th October


Eco Hub, main reception


After the Consultation, the Steering Group will consider all comments received, and make any changes necessary.

At this point the Plan will enter its final stage, which will result in a referendum. All Gamlingay residents will be asked to vote, Yes or No, for the Plan to be adopted. We anticipate that this vote will take place in late 2021.

Please keep an eye out for further information in September including the Summary booklets coming through your letterbox! Do take a look at the website,, in the meantime and if you have any questions, please contact Kirstin Rayner, Neighbourhood Plan Secretary, (01767) 650310,


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Strategic Environmental Assessment, the Final Version

As we noted last year, the NP has to be compatible with certain European Union obligations regarding its effect on the environment.  That meant that the NP had to be supported by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  This has been completed and will be available to view on the Documents page.
All the supporting documents will be available to view by the start of the Reg. 14 pre-submission Consultation period on 7 September 2020.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Draft Neighbourhood Plan – pre-submission (Regulation 14)

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has kept working during the lockdown, but there can be no real progress until the lockdown is eased somewhat.  However, we had one online meeting in May and another is scheduled for June.
The website is now ready for more documents, including the draft Plan which will be for public perusal and comment as part of the Regulation 14 pre-submission process.
These documents will be on the website when the pre-submission draft is ready, along with guidance for making comment.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group