Reg.14 Consultation

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group conducted a formal consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan for six weeks during September and October 2020. All residents and businesses had the opportunity to view the draft Plan and to provide their opinions in the form of feedback.

 A booklet summarising the Plan was sent to every household in September and there was a series of consultation events at the Eco Hub where anyone could discuss the Plan with members of the Steering Group and ask questions about it.

There were many responses, from individual households and from businesses and developers; the Steering Group have considered the responses and points raised and reported them – see below.

All information, including the Plan in full, remains available on this website, with paper copies of the plan available at the Eco Hub.

Feedback from residents of Gamlingay: Table of feedback.

Feedback from statutory consultees and businesses: Table of feedback.

Feedback from SCDC: table of feedback

Map of Gamlingay – the area considered for the Neighbourhood Plan.