Gamlingay’s Neighbourhood Plan – Feedback on the 2020 Consultation and the SG’s Reponses

Thank you to everyone who provided the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NP SG) with feedback, whether you were a resident, a business in Gamlingay or a statutory consultee.  Most of the comments and suggestions were extremely useful and many have been used to improve the plan, make it clearer or extend the scope to cover areas that we hadn’t considered.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a huge undertaking, but the SG has worked to make it as useful as possible for both residents and prospective developers.

All who commented, and who provided a contact email, should have received an acknowledgement of their comments.

Please see the  Consultation Page for the tables of feedback and the SG’s responses.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan – pre-submission (Regulation 14)

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has kept working during the lockdown, but there can be no real progress until the lockdown is eased somewhat.  However, we had one online meeting in May and another is scheduled for June.
The website is now ready for more documents, including the draft Plan which will be for public perusal and comment as part of the Regulation 14 pre-submission process.
These documents will be on the website when the pre-submission draft is ready, along with guidance for making comment.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The NP has to be compatible with certain European Union obligations regarding its effect on the environment.  For a better idea of these obligations and how the NP will meet them please see the Executive Summary as drawn up by the Senior Planning Officer at South Cambridgeshire District Council:
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Gamlingay’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan – October 2019 Consultation

All households in the Parish will receive a booklet (available online here) summarising progress to date on the plan, including vision, objectives and draft policies. We need feedback from residents and local businesses to make sure we have correctly captured the priorities for future development in Gamlingay.
See below for details of informal drop in consultation sessions where you can come and hear all about it and ask any questions. The evening sessions on 3rd and 15th October will also include a short presentation at the start introducing the draft plan, and will finish by 9pm at the latest.

Date Time Location Theme
Thurs 3rd October 7.30pm Eco Hub, Kier Suite All themes
Weds 9th October 3-5pm Eco Hub, Kier Suite All themes
Thurs 10th October 3-5pm Eco Hub, Kier Suite All themes
Fri 11th October 10am-1pm Eco Hub, main reception All themes
Sat 12th October 10am-12pm Eco Hub, main reception All themes
Tues 15th October All day & 7.30pm as part of RSPB visit Eco Hub-main reception Environment

The draft plan is based on all the survey feedback and evidence gathered over the last couple of years and has objectives and policies which focus on:

  • Supporting new housing that’s appropriate size, affordable and adaptable
  • Protecting the open countryside and Gamlingay’s distinct landscape setting as a radial village with satellite hamlets and smallholdings
  • Nurturing and growing local businesses in the Parish
  • Ensuring local facilities meet the needs of our community
  • Developing a network of footpaths to promote walking, cycling and riding
  • Enhancing the natural environment and biodiversity of the Parish

It’s really important for everyone to tell us their views on the draft plan, themes and policies. You can do this via the form provided in the booklet, online at [link to Google form version of feedback form] or in person at the events.
Once all feedback has been collated, the steering group will draw up a final version of the plan so that we can proceed to final consultation, examination and Referendum later this year.
For further information, please contact the steering group via our website or on (01767) 650310.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group