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Gamlingay’s Neighbourhood Plan is now made!

The final version of the plan can be found on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website

Thanks to everyone who played a part in putting this together, a great deal of work for a small group of dedicated volunteers over a long period of time. Thanks also to those residents who came out and voted for its adoption last month.,the%20biodiversity%20of%20the%20parish


We are delighted to announce that South Cambridgeshire District Council have published the results of the Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Referendum:

The votes were 403 in favour of the plan and 123 against the plan.

That means that 76% of the vote is in favour of adopting the Neighbourhood plan and it can now be formally made by South Cambs District Council. There was an 18% turnout for the vote.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote. And thank you to all volunteers involved in creating the plan.

Referendum plan link:

The Parish Council and volunteers around the village have been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Gamlingay Parish. A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they live and work.

We can influence development – not stop it altogether – so we have to plan what sort of development we want in our village, maintaining the good bits, improving the less good bits and making the process of having more homes as sustainable and worthwhile as possible.

Wind turbine and allotments in monochrome.
Gamlingay Community Turbine and the Allotments – Chris Barker

What Next?

We are now at the final stage – the ‘Referendum’ – of making the Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan. Gamlingay Parish Council approved the referendum (i.e. final) version of the plan at its Full Council meeting on Tuesday 27 September 2022. The referendum will ask all electors in the parish to vote yes or not for the South Cambridgeshire District Council (the Local Planning Authority) to adopt the plan. Find out more in our news article , and read the referendum plan here,

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